5 Things You Don’t Know About Me

     Yes, I decided to dye some fabric down the basement Friday. It was warm enough to mix the dyes in my garage and then move down to dye a few fabrics. I needed the perfect wine/burgundy color and knew it might be hard to re-create. Since, of course, I wasn’t very good at writing down formulas when I first started dyeing.

Too purple and a little to mottled for me. I will overdye them.

And then I tried red- too pink for me.

I quit before I ruined anymore. Oh, I will use them- it’s just not what I wanted. Today I will just sew. It’s quiet here today and I am loving it. 
Don’t you always wonder about the bloggers that you follow? What are they really like? Is what they write about all they do?(Some writers are brutally honest about who they are in everything they write about And I love them for it.) What are their other interests? And as a writer of this silly blog, I wonder who my readers are. So-this week- I will tell you something about me. But you must share too. Don’t be shy-just tell me one thing about yourself in my comments. It can be related to what you do or not.
5 Things You Might Not Know About Me
1. I watch less than 2 hours of TV a week. I just got bored with commercials and raunchy acting a few years ago. I would rather read or spend time sewing or knitting.
2. I read at least one book a week. The book I am reading right now is by Jodi Piccoult. Just started last night  and might save it for next week- I become obsessive to finish and have company coming this week… it may be a bit rude to not stop while they are here. Libraries are one of my favorite places to visit and I could get lost there for hours. 
3. I am impatient and not good at waiting. Ok, Ok, maybe that you already knew about me. I always take some form of stitching or knitting with me and my hands must be busy while I wait. Or I get a bit cranky. Kind of like a two year old cranky.
4. Up until about four years ago, I hand quilted all my quilts. Yes, I did. I love the rhythm of hand quilting and hand work. Very peaceful.
5. I have only two “things” I really enjoy and couldn’t live without on an island. My sewing machine, of course. And my VW bug-apple green and she just got let out last week.  She was very happy to be driven after a long winter of staying in the garage. I was very happy to be driving her. Zipping around and listening to music She would be fun to drive round an island.(I drive an old Yukon truck the rest of the time-very dependable and everyone, including my two dogs,  fits in it.) 
( Daughter joined me in car on Sat. “Mom-what are you listening to?” Picks up CD cover-“these people are really old. Please tell me you just didn’t buy this CD with a weird cover, Mom.”  Yes 🙂 I did. And then it became the topic of dinner conversation-mom’s weird music-to which even my husband said-“that is the utmost of uncoolness and I won’t even admit that you are listening to ABBA-” . I can’t explain my choice but they just sounded a bit like summer.  Weird moms like weird music. No other explanation needed.) 
Now I have told you too much information. So share with me something I don’t know about you.
Happy Sewing, my friends !

5 thoughts on “5 Things You Don’t Know About Me

  1. paula

    i like the image of you in an old yukon with dogs…the abba thing scares me though!
    about me that you dont know…i dont know. my blog and facebook pretty much relay my life as you see it. its art and getting scrap day in and day out.

  2. Colleen Kole

    It scared me too:) My kids and husband are usually brutally honest with me.

    You are very transparent in your blog and I love that about you-you were the honest one I was writing about! Love the studio pictures. You are very neat.

  3. Kim Hambric

    I secretly would like to be a stand up comedian. Very funny considering I find it hard to talk to people even one-on-one.

    I like weird mom music too. I’m preparing to download some Three Dog Night songs from iTunes.


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