A Day of Basting

     I am finally back to work this week and all the kiddos have returned to school. I spent the day sandwiching and basting the biggest piece I have in the work basket.

With the last bit of machine quilting I did, I quilted a huge wrinkle in it. Obsessive as I am, I ripped out all that stitching and re-basted. So, with this piece,  I wanted to ensure it remained wrinkle free. 

I might have overdone it on safety pins though. You can laugh but I have no time to rip things out this spring!

4 thoughts on “A Day of Basting

  1. Kathleen Probst

    I have been basting with stick pins for a while now, but I may have to return to my trusty safety pins after seeing how my last two pieces turned out.

    I am curious, do you use a walking foot?

    1. Rayna

      This looks terrific, Colleen. I gave up pins years ago and only use Mountain Mist’s fusible batting. It is a joy! I think some other manufacturer makes it now, too. The batting is soft and thin and makes life soooo easy.
      Look forward to seeing the finished piece


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