An Early Christmas Present: A Giveaway and a Quilt

     Wahoo- I am done with my quilt and it’s Wednesday – the day of my giveaway drawing. Thanks for all of you who have entered and left comments. I am having fun looking at other new sources of inspiration and you are very talented people! We have a snow day today. No blizzard yet but the calm is kind of eerie right now. The winds are supposedly coming.


      Ben helped me out and picked the winners. And the winners are:

1.Sharon-Pieces of Vermont. I have knit socks out of this yarn and they are warm.

2. Robin W– Lorna’s Laces. Very pretty color!

3. Gail Myrhorodsky-ArtGirlz stuff. You will like the beads and silk!

     Congrats and enjoy the new stuff in honor of a sense of community. Nice to have you stop by. If you e-mail me(colleenkole at your addresses, I’ll get your packages in the mail after the blizzard is done. Hopefully Friday.

     And I finally finished # 6. Another really big wahoo! If I critique it, it falls flat on composition. I wanted to insert lines into shapes rather than working with strip sets. However, if you go by the definition of line being less than an inch, my lines are too big and look choppy.  The main purpose though was to use my Carol Soderlund  hand-dyed fabrics.  These pieces were my end of the summer garden’s colors in September. I do see this as one of the series I will work on the next year called Directions but will work with smaller lines and smaller compositons to allow me to experiment with it. Maybe….but I definitely have two different series going on without even trying.

                             Directions: End of Summer



      The burgundy is the only fabric which is commercial and it sticks out too much. I do like the texture of the back though.

     Must go . Cookie baking has been requested by my kids who have another snow day. Happy Sewing, my friends.

2 thoughts on “An Early Christmas Present: A Giveaway and a Quilt

  1. Anonymous

    Yeah! I’m so excited thinking about what to do with that yummy yarn! It’ll have to be something special for sure! Tell Ben he’s awesome & give him a big thank you hug from me!
    🙂 Sharon


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