And So The Season Begins

     I really don’t like thinking about it until after Thanksgiving. I don’t do any shopping even the day after. The last place I would like to be at 6am the day after Thanksgiving is shopping. But when daughter said please last night, I couldn’t resist. She wanted me to take her to the tree lighting ceremony at the Gerald R Ford museum to earn some extra credit points for her history class.

I loved the lights and lines from the museum.

I didn’t realize they were going to let us in and that it would be all aglow with trees and lights -and QUILTS!

Provided by our own West Michigan Quilt Guild.  Architectural lines and lights and quilts. Ahhh…

Red and white is just so pretty. I don’t know who did this one-no name on it.

Dear Jane by Jan Landry

The season has begun. I tried to catch the Presidential seal through the window for you but couldn’t.

I didn’t even mind that I was seeing Christmas things before Thanksgiving -and enjoying it.

Be creative, my friends!

3 thoughts on “And So The Season Begins

  1. Kim Hambric

    Glad to hear that you enjoyed your outing. How nice to have the unexpected addition of quilts.

    I’ve got to say that I am not ready and I’m not sure I’ll be ready for a while. I walked past a Christmas display the other day and it did nothing for me. Perhaps it has been up for weeks already and I’m just used to it or I’m just Scroogey this year. Time will tell.

  2. Colleen Kole

    I know-happy is right. I forgot to add my daughter Hope picked out the one she liked and shared with her friends how they were made. She actually enjoyed looking at them too. Maybe I can convince her to sew yet!


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