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Catching Up

     Well I am very relieved to have my own laptop back! And working well. Lots of yucky things were going on but they seem to be resolved. And my mom did well with her surgery. No fun to have just one hand to use. She’s getting a teensy bit grumpy.

     I  have been having lots of fun playing this weekend. Paintsticks, dyeing, etc.

 Don’t panic really fits this week. I seem to have lots of pieces under way but not one finished. And I have a few deadlines this week. Ok that’s an understatement. Because I leave to go to Vermont on Thursday. I think I need a list.

1. Label for the Jeans Quilt
2. Finish piecing the barn top
3. three small works (take with me)
4. artist statement for show-DUE WED
5. Determine size I will use.(yes I have started it) DUE Feb 22

Oh yes and I must have food cooked/bought for three people staying here! Yikes…

     My sweet niece met me at her art school downtown and showed me how to mix acrylic paints to paint a canvas. I want to mount my piece on a canvas. It was hard to mix the colors(yah I think that’s why she is going to art school!) but kind of fun to paint the canvas. It’s down my basement drying and should be ready for me to work on once I get back from vacation. I owe her some paints now. She seemed to think my piece would be cool mounted on a canvas too. We’ll see if I can make it work.

     I am taking an online class and I’ll let you know about that tomorrow.

Happy Sewing, my friends. I am glad to be back.