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Hiding Out


Museum Display at Tuch and Technik Museum, Neumunster, Germany

Museum Display at Tuch and Technik Museum, Neumunster, Germany

I really have been hiding out. If I pop up out of my safe little hiding hole,  then I might not believe it. This year is a very , very good art year. And it’s just  mid- May. But it is the result of few very intense years of work. I have so used my blog as a journal that I sadly regret not keeping up.

Lots of exhibits for 2016 are in process. I will do a quick re-cap so I can catch up

1. Color Improvisations 2 curated by Nancy Crow, opened in Germany at the Tuch and Textile  Museum. My piece, Time Fragments #2 , was chosen for this exhibit. Marc and I traveled there for the opening. ( By the way if you go to Europe, go for more than 6 days.  Jet lag is a killer so once there you might as well enjoy the new time zone you are in and see the sights. Next time we will. ) It was such an honor to see all the large pieces and their proud artists . And catch up with all my friends.

Color Improvisations 2

Color Improvisations 2


Color Improvisations 2 Opening

Color Improvisations 2

Color Improvisations 2 will be in Neumunster, Germany until August 27, 2016. See the museum site for further details. Hopefully it will travel near and far over the next few years.

2. Fantastic Fibers
Time Fragments #6 was chosen for this exhibit in Paducah, KY at the Yeiser Art Center. This   exhibit will run through June 4th. Nice to have this piece be appreciated!


Time Fragments# 6 © ColleenKole 2015


3. Mastery: Sustaining Momentum 

This exhibit is an invitational curated by Nancy Crow at  the Dairy Barn in Athens, Ohio. It will open in May 27 from 5-7pm and run until November  2016. I will have 6 small works and 3 large piece exhibited. There will be a catalog available for pre-order May 1st on the Dairy Barn site. Follow the link in this post to purchase the catalog. More later on this exhibit as I can’t show you  my work yet.

4. Michigan Regional Exhibit  This is always a sweet honor to be included in this event.    Muskegon Museum of Art is a gem of a museum and has a extremely hard working staff,  high quality exhibits and an all around beautiful venue to have work exhibited in.
Don’t miss this exhibit.  Muskegon Museum of Art ,  May 12th-August 3, 2016.

Time Fragments, 67.5Hx71W , Textiles, ©ColleenKole2016

Time Fragments, 67.5Hx71W , Textiles, ©ColleenKole2016

SO many great exhibits out there right now for quilts. It is the time for ALL of us to shine and enjoy the hard work of our hands and hearts!!! Make plans to see them before they move on out of your area!









Departure and Arrival



Sending this package out into the world really was nerve wracking.

It signifies the culmination of a long process which began back in February of 2014.  In February 2014, I was invited to submit work for an invitational curated by Nancy Crow. Without a second thought, I accepted and began a long quiet period of making 5 works 90x 90 inches maximum size. Of those pieces I submitted, I am very excited to announce that “Time Fragments #2 ” has been accepted into Color Improvisations 2 .


March 11-July 1, 2016 | Germany | exhibition
• March 11 | Opening of COLOR IMPROVISATIONS II
Exhibition curated by Nancy Crow
Tuch+Technik Textile Museum
Neumünster, Germany


I have never been more nervous to pack up a piece in a simple bag and box and sent it off to Germany last week. I didn’t realize how much I was holding my breath that it arrived safely. And not until I got the email today informing me that it did, did I relax and start to get excited.   I can’t show you any images yet until the show opening. But you will see it as I will share photos from the opening because my husband Marc and I are traveling to Germany to attend the opening.

Now you know why things have been kind of quiet around here. Whew!  It arrived safely.