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Reality Check

 I have finished two quilts this week from beginning to end. Lots of fun but lots of time, as you well know! I have one more to bind to achieve my  week one goal. Well, I had a moment of panic when I realize that I had committed to 10 total by  the end of the year. Even if I doubled my time I spend on sewing per week, I am not sure I was realistic. This week I have spent 27 hours -on sewing-don’t tell my family. Although they probably already know by the quality of meals this week. And then there is the photography class work…yikes. I had a moment of panic this am as I was thinking, was I realistic? So, the list. The dreaded list.

Project Joy in the New Year
Unfinished quilt tops

1. Bowtie-4 hours
2. Connections -Tan-25
3.Connections- Red and Black-10
4. Connections-Red and blue-20
5. Workshop-Autumn Mums-15
6. Directions 1- mini -3
7. Directions #3-30
8. Connections#7 -30

     I came up with 140 approx hours divided by 6 weeks( ok we have some major holidays and people will be sick) so 24 hours per week. Most art quilters spend more than that  plus work outside the home. Now that I have actually put a number to it it feels better. I think I can do this. The list is just a bit daunting. I really will try not to whine. Sorry to bore you with this but I am using this as a journal for my process.

     You come for quilts so here is my piece for the day. This was my very first quilt made at the Crow Barn which just changed the way I thought of making a quilt.

      I haven’t used a pattern since. It needs a special name but for now for now is just Connections #1 -the piece that rocked my world and made me excited about the process. It’s large at 51×69 and was quilted by a longarm machine friend.

     Have a good weekend . Happy Sewing, my friends!