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Spring Break 2010

     Trying to find little pockets of time to work but yet have fun with kids and dogs running in and out. And feeding friends and kids. And feeding more kids…

       A little ironing of 25 yards of fabric finished up from last week’s dyeing. Couldn’t waste 80 degree weather in Michigan during the month of March. I never remember that happening before. Pretty spring colors. I’ll try reds next time.

Trying to find a solution for the Lucy quilt.  Maybe this or maybe that:

 I like the uneven borders. Haven’t used borders in awhile so don’t know why I did this time. Maybe Lucy  my dog didn’t like them either.

    And trying my hand at a little piece of slow cloth which everyone seems to be intrigued with lately-including me. Old feed sacks and jeans. Can you believe I am re-visiting recycled jeans?

 I need something slower to work on after my foot surgery Wednesday-outpatient and hopefully a quick recovery. It’s my sewing foot and my driving foot. I can’t quite think of how I will do if I can’t use my foot for two weeks-which is worse case scenario.. Just need to be able to be very active by the time summer vacation comes! I love long hikes in the summer. Will be gone for a few days and returning with a new and healing foot!

Happy sewing, my friends!

Little Things

     I love little things that make my job easier. And I always learn something at a workshop that I can apply to what I am doing. This little scissors is perfect for ripping out tight seams. It’s actually a suture scissors.  I bought one from Deb Kurasik at my workshop on Wednesday. The stitch length she recommended for paper piecing was 1.5-tiny -so ripping out was not fun. They really helped .


     Also, I remembered some table extensions that we had used in a fabric dyeing class last spring that put the table at just the right heighth for working in a standing position. When I asked Betsy, my friend who is in charge of organizing the programs where they came from she smiled and went and got me a set of four from the closet.

 PVC tubing that had been cut! This thirty dollar table is now the perfect heighth  for cutting and standing. And I thought it was another gadget to be purchased. Why don’t I think of things like that? (yes, it’s ready for binding 🙂

     I must move with my day. I am Mr. mom this weekend-dad and mom rolled into one as Marc is skiing in VT with his friends. I am tempted to begin something with this beautiful blue linen I dyed this summer, velvet and a drawer full of silk scraps I pick up along my way. I have a show I entered and must have a piece for in three weeks. Fun-remind me I feel no pressure!

Happy Sewing ,my friends!