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Back in Action: Slower Stitching

  I jumped back into the stream last weekend attending a retreat about 45 minutes away from Grand Rapids at the Maranatha Center which is on Lake Michigan. It was beautiful setting and I never knew it was hidden away there.  I left Thursday and came back on Saturday night. A very large table, meals made and lots of snacks. Add to that friendly faces and lots of laughs and you have a great time.

    I chose to try to make some charity doll quilts for the Santa Claus girls and I attempted to make some small bags for my daughters’ friends.  I had never put in zippers before and foolishly thought it  was easy. Well, seven attempts later I finally have the right bag with a respectable zipper.

     After spending time with the traditional precision quilters, I have a newfound admiration for their work. And their very clean work spaces. Wow, I am a slob but that is just how my mind works!