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     I guess if you wonder where I am. Physically I am now home in Michigan. But , emotionally, I think I am just in transition. In between that lazy and relaxed vacation mode but dumped back into schedules and a list of things to do. Not really wanting summer to end and yet needing some kind of structure. Definitely, in between.

     I sure crammed quite a bit into the last week of summer. I managed to take the kids to a quick trip to the Shelburne Museum just outside of Burlington. There were three exhibits I had wanted to see:

-Ansel Adams and Edward Burtinsky-a great photography exhibit
-Alzheimer’s:Forgetting Piece By Piece-another exhibit of quilts organized by Ami Simms, a tear jerker
-A Vermont ceramic artists exhibit

Each were very unique and I could have spent lots of time there. These exhibits made it a worthwhile trip. If you are in the area, take some time to stop and enjoy.

How would you like to use an iron like this?

     I also spent some time working on using acrylic paints in a thin wash on some cottons I had dyed. Then I moved on to dye and print paste. Didn’t really know what I was doing but had fun.

   Also, attended our last dairy show at the Addison County Field Days. Out of the four shows we attended, I always like this one best. Just lots to see and a great selection of fun foods…

I love the ceilings of the barns. 


The craft barn at Addison County Field Days

The winning cow and Hope struggled a bit but pulled out a second place.

The last two days are a blur of packing and last minute things to do. But I clicked my little ruby red felted slippers(yeah squeezed that in too!)

and was back home in Michigan in 15 hours.

Whew-no wonder I am tired! It was a great week.

Camera has been brought to the shop so we will see the diagnosis tomorrow. Hope to start producing again this week. It was nice to unpack my studio today.

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer, my friends!