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Something fun-Recycled Stitched Scarf

       We are now on our 3rd snow day. Lots of fun and a little work. I  had fun making a stitched scarf last night. Everything but the stabilizer is recycled . I took my yarn scraps, layed them down on a long piece of  water soluble Solvy, made a little sandwich and stitched away.  Start to finish was probably about 3 hours but easy. One of the girls in my Fiber Arts group brought one in last week and I was intrigued by it. Now, this isn’t a new idea and it resurfaces every once in awhile but I hadn’t tried it.

     Suggestions if you want to try it:

1. Water soluble Solvy can be found at your local craft stores by the stabilizers. Use that coupon! I measured my length, laid it out and folded it over the yarn like a sandwich. I think I can make three from the package- at 4$ per scarf.

2. I did pin along the sides and iron the edges only-WITH a pressing cloth over it-Solvy is bad for your iron
3. Sew the edges first.
4. Sew horizontally and vertically- I used free motion stitching and some decorative stitches on my machine.

5. If you have a single needle throat plate that would help too- I don’t for this machine yet.
6.I used bits of ribbon too. I don’t like how it feels though with the yarn. 
7. I used rayon thread which is a bit stiff.  I would use cotton next time to make it softer and not as much yarn- more wispy.

     All in all,  great fun for a last minute gift. I need four of them and thank goodness it worked! 
Happy sewing, my friends!