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Thread Storage

     Every time I start looking for a specific spool of thread, I am reminded of how out of control my thread management system is

     Some is stored neatly on this little bobbin rack and in the old antique thread drawer.

I arranged the bobbin thread for you otherwise it was a jumbled mess in this plastic bin.

Most of the time it just kind of waits on my sewing machine table waiting patiently to be put away or get tangled up into the next project.

More finds from another drawer.

And then the disappearance into the bottom drawer.  I really would like to be more organized with all this thread. It feels like a hot commodity with the price of it lately and I feel like it should give it more respect. So how do you store all your thread? How should you store it?

And The Work Begins/Threads

     I thought I would be able to dive right in on Sunday and begin basting and sandwiching my quilt. But, I didn’t have batting or enough backing to start it. So, I spent yesterday running around finding what I  needed. It was really inefficient but, I have found what I needed. Looking at my schedule, I really won’t have a big block of time until Wednesday afternoon to get started. But, I have a question for you.

     Threads….I am a cotton thread person and kind of a snob about it. I use 100 percent cotton fabric and like cotton thread for machine piecing and quilting.  Mettler thread  in the top.  My current machine likes it and I like it. I am in love with Aurifil thread for piecing but need to order it online and that doesn’t  allow me to see the colors.  Mettler thread for machine quilting may just be more of a habit than real knowledge about what works. In my bits of time this week before studio time, I am reading short articles about thread. Kind of snoozy reading, but I like to be informed.

     So, what kind of thread are you using for machine quilting and why? Any help or advice is welcome.

Off to get a haircut. Be creative, my friends!