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The Color of Tulips

       Yesterday was a day filled with colors. I went to drop of one of my quilts for the Tulip Festival Quilt Show. It’s at a new venue this year at the Holland Arts Council and I can’t wait to see the quilts hung in this space. It was a beautiful sunny day and I did remember my camera! You guessed it that the Tulip Festival is all about tulips and this little town has planted them in amazing batches and bundles of color in every empty space.

By the bank

on street corners

reaching for the sun

my favorites-the pinks. Had a great lunch with my daughter and began the carting of stuff home from college. Then, I began folding and sorting of my fabrics for my class to see what colors I have yet to dye this week. It took longer than I thought it would….

it was fun grouping them

kind of like opening a new box of crayons when you were a kid

I dyed this majority of this  fabric last summer and have been waiting patiently to “open this box of crayons”. I am more than ready to cut into it.

If you have a clue, what am I missing? Maybe nothing? ( I mean seriously if you can’t make a quilt out of all this -you should have your head examined!) Tomorrow is my only window of opportunity.

Oh and did I mention that 2 other gals must ridewith me. They are dyers so won’t have the bulk initially.