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Stitched Resist Results/Tutorial

I had quite a few people ask me to share my process so I thought I would do a mini tutorial. 
You will need Mx dyes, urea, print paste, soda ash and a paint brush. 

1. Prepare the print paste mix the night ahead. I started with 2 cups of water , 2T urea and 2 T print paste. It was way too runny so I added a few more tablespoons until it was like syrup. It thickened overnight to the consistency of thick honey which was perfect.

2. I had stitched this piece of cotton with my design of choice using upholstery thread. I pulled the threads tight and tied a square knot in about 3 threads at a time.

Stitched and tied piece ready to dye
3. I mixed my soda ash a little stronger than usual-1/4 cup to 1 Liter. I applied the soda ash to the piece using a brush as I really didn’t want it soaked through. I wanted to see more white than actual color in the back ground. 
4. Dyes were mixed stronger than usual too: 30 grams MX dye, 2 T urea and 250 milliliters of water. 
5. I added some of the mixed dyes to the print paste and stirred it thoroughly. I used Prochem’s deep navy, tangerine and loden which is an olivey green. 
Dyes mixed and added to the print paste

6. I again used a paint brush to apply the dye/print paste mixture.

Print paste and Dye mix applied

7. I covered it in plastic wrap so it wouldn’t dry out and let it batch  overnight.

Covered in plastic to batch in a warm place overnight

8. The next day I carefully cut the tied threads and pulled it out prior to rinsing. I really need a seam ripper, tweezers and my small scissors. It was time consuming but exciting to see the reveal.

Pulling out the threads prior to rinsing

9. Then I rinsed in cold, then hot and popped it in the washing machine with a little synthrapol.

final piece

close up

I didn’t look at my surface design notebooks or the many books I have….I was impatient and was just winging it but it turned out really pretty.  I am sure the many books out there have more concise instructions but this is how I did it!

I am going to pick out some of my hand dyed embroidery threads and have a new stitching project to work on.