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The Quilt Show is Done

 It took twenty months of planning. And this morning I can’t believe it’s over with. The intense physical work began last Tuesday when quilts were accepted, tagged and judged by two NQA judges, Lynne Erbach and Scott Murkin. I had never participated in this part of the show so, as a volunteer, was able to watch the judges critique each quilt.

     It was a very formal process with white gloves  and specific protocol to make sure each quilt was handled carefully and respectfully. I felt the judges were, for the most part, fair and the comments thoughtful and constructive as to where improvements could be made next time.

     The set up process was amazing. The quilts, once judged, were moved along with all the supplies to a conference center.

 Then the piping set up. Lots of hands were needed.

The quilts were hung and then enjoyed by many.

    For the first time in twenty some years of quiltmaking, I entered three quilts. And, to my surprise received three ribbons!

1st place-art abstract

Honorable mention -art abstract

1st place-first time entry and this little guy is sold. It was a hard decision to let him go. But as my daughter said-“Isn’t that why you are doing all this, Mom?” A big wahoo! It will be delivered to it’s new owner. Along with a little chocolate to thank her and her co-chair for all their hard work.

Thanks Betsy and Sandy! It was lots of fun.

Off to Artprize tomorrow with a new friend. And then back to work at the end of the week.

Happy creating, my friends!