Coffee and Used Bookstores

     Other than fabric, two of my other favorite things are used bookstores and independent coffee shops. First, the cup of coffee and then a trip to the bookstore . There is really nothing better than snooping around a used bookstore pretending as if I have all the time in the world to read many, many books.  I don’t at all mind that kind of dusty smell and messy piles of books on the floor or piled high to the ceiling on shelves.  Thumbing through one of the shelves last week or the week before, I found a wonderful book.

 What a beautiful cover for this hardcover book. I have a particular fondness for hardcover books and I will not sell or pass on any of them. I know many people think I am silly when you can put it on a book reader but I love my books I can hold in my hands.

These color swatches in preparation for dyeing are lovely.

Why wouldn’t I have done this before I dye?  I cut a small piece of fabric (sometimes…) after I dye but what a great resource this would be if I took the time to do it before I dye.

I ordered another book (suggested by Nellie Durand in her blog tutorials) from the huge internet place in the sky. It is a great resource book and maybe will help me in my quest to understand color better.


The older books seem to contain more art theory contained in them rather than a specific artist’s technique to approaching color. Feels like I need more of the basics at this point. Both used books were purchased at low prices even with the shipping I had to pay on the last book.

Give an old book new home, my friends and you might learn something new! Don’t forget the coffee when you sit down.

4 thoughts on “Coffee and Used Bookstores

  1. Nellie's Needles

    What an amazing find at the used bookstore. “Color and Fiber” is one of my all time favorites. I bought my copy new from one of the authors way back when … and it’s been worth a lot more than what I paid for it.

  2. Colleen Kole

    Nellie- the first one I found at the used bookstore and your recommendation came from amazon-used and at a good price despite the shipping cost. Didn’t mean to be unclear!

    Gail-definitely coffee weather here.


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