Dick and Jane

    My favorite local quilt shop closed in Vermont this summer. It was called The Quilted Lilly and I always enjoyed going there whenever we were in town. I was truly sad as it was one of my favorite things to do when I visited.  She just couldn’t make it in this tough economy and for that I am trying to support my local shop here in Grand Rapids. Vermont is am amazing place as far as support of anything locally made- vegetables, fruits, dairy and even textiles. I cherish the local farmer even more after spending lots of time there each summer. More about that later- but support your local producers.

     Back to today. I finished my blue flannel for Project Hope. I then moved on to my next charity quilt was was super fun last night.  I purchased these Dick and Jane fabrics at The Quilted Lily during their closing sale. I  love Dick and Jane. Who doesn’t?  I initially cut them in to six inch blocks. But too boring. So, of course added a strip set. And it felt much better. Even practiced my machine quilting with wavy lines.

     This little doll quilt is 20×32 made for the WMQG Santa Claus Girl drive. And I get to buy a doll to go with it. Last  year, I think we contributed over 400 quilts with dolls for West Michigan. And that is a good thing for our local kids. Do something for someone local today.  Happy sewing my friends.

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