From The Beginning

     When I was planning out my year ahead, one of my big goals was to finish up my workshop quilts. All of them and, given the number, that would be my year. But when prompted by a reputable person (more about this later), I really didn’t have a good reason to complete workshop exercises. They were indeed exercises. And when I started taking a good hard look at the pieces, I could see how I would do each and every piece differently now. SO, I have learned from them and completing them really wouldn’t move me along any faster.  I will finish some of them for purposes of learning compositionally from them and also I will use them to practice free motion quilting on.  But a much smaller number of those pieces will be finished. 

     What I really want to focus on : move the Rooflines series ahead. I would like to have 20 or more done in this series by the end of the year.  Last week,  I went back and machine quilted my first sketch to include in the series.  I have a few more that need machine quilting but then I am excited to move on. 
©Colleen Kole, 2013, Rooflines # 1, 35×45
Details of Rooflines #1
And so the year “officially” begins.

7 thoughts on “From The Beginning

  1. Nina Marie

    ohhh I love this – I’m taking a class on abstract quilts so is interesting – I host a link party “Off the Wall Fridays” and would like to invite you to join us anytime you have a project going that you want to share. We find it inspiring, motivational and educational.

  2. Fibra Artysta

    I really love the color of this piece. And good for you for letting go of the exercises – I always believe that for some projects they don’t need to be finished and its wasted energy to try. I’m excited to see your new work! 🙂

  3. MulticoloredPieces

    I really like this piece, Colleen. Lovely colors and quilting with a clean design. Enjoyed going back over your blog. The snow pictures are beautiful, but I’m happy just to look. Spring has begun in Tunisia, my favorite season. Happy quilting!
    best, nadia


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