It’s Been So Long…

It has been a long time since I visited this little blog. I keep wondering what is keeping me from it.  Probably just a busy life outside of the studio and some things I can’t yet show you.

But in my travels last month to CT for a wedding, look who I found: the amazing Allegra Brelsford at the American Fine craft show in Hartford, CT.  I was looking for something art related to go to on Saturday while we waited for a friend’s wedding and caught a billboard advertisement for it . The show was relatively close to our hotel so I conned my husband to go with me. 🙂

Allegra Brelsford

Allegra Brelsford

And right at the doorway was Allegra who looked exactly the same as the last time when I saw her at the Barn. Her booth looked lovely with all her work displayed very professionally. And her color sense really showed as well. Allegra has been working very hard the last few years. And her work and booth showcased this.

And my husband even enjoyed the show after all.

Congrats Allegra!

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