Looking Ahead

     I went upstairs to work this weekend and I reached “it”. “It” is my acceptable limit of the number of pieces sitting in my workbasket. Works in process or, quite bluntly, works unfinished. I get so excited about trying something new, that I just don’t finish things. I didn’t even start a list of finished quilts in 2010. That’s another topic called neglecting the blog and how it looks. But one feeds into the other. So, a list and it might even be added to . Accountability. Why I decide this during the holidays each year, I have no idea. Ah yes, the list.

Works in process
1. Loving Lucy
2. The L series -#1
3. The L series- #2
4. The L series-  # 3
5. Australian scrap quilt
6. Red/Blue quilt
7. Charity quilts-2
8. Crinkle quilt
9. Silk Quilt
10. The Moon
11. Joy

Impressive, isn’t it ? But I  know you have a similar place where you peek into with horror every once in awhile. Or maybe not. If you are very good about finishing things, don’t tell me please.

Goal: By the end of the year have 7 done, photographed and entered into a page type format on my blog.

Plan: Lots of machine quilting needs to be done. FOCUS. With a clear vision of the goal.

Another goal-shoot in manual rather than auto mode-bear with me.

                                                                      Joy, 2010

One done , 6 more to go.

Off to volutnteer and pack shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child this week. Posts will be lighter but still there.

Be creative, my friends!

3 thoughts on “Looking Ahead

  1. patty a.

    Colleen, Love this piece! Don’t be so hard on yourself in getting things done that it is not enjoyable. I am guilty too of not finishing projects, but eventually I plan on getting them done. After all it only took me 10+ years to get my Millennium Quilt done!

  2. Colleen Kole

    I seem to do better with a list to kick me into gear but I certainly don’t make goals every week!

    Thanks-the colors aren’t showing up on my computer right-either camera or monitor.


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