Loving Color #2: I Fooled You

     Don’t you just shake your head sometimes and wonder what I’m doing? I can imagine some of you saying -what in the world will she do with the screechingly (is that even a word?) awful pieces of fabric from the last post? A strange and loud tie dye creation?

     But I fooled you. It was just the first layer and I have overdyed the batch to see what happens. Well, I suspected what would happen. And I was right.

     The deep colors I wanted for the next project. I also overdyed some snowdyed fabric which just didn’t turn out bright enough.

     Much better. Also, finished up the rest of the floss.

     It is freezing in the garage which is where I do all the mixing and rinsing. I think I am good on dyeing for awhile. Just needed a fix of color in January.

     I need to get ahead writing my posts and taking pictures. I use to love to blog at 7:30 am but it’s still dark out here until about 8:15.  So here I am at dinnertime :).

     Be creative, my friends!

4 thoughts on “Loving Color #2: I Fooled You

  1. Colleen Kole

    Years worth from the looks of this stash. Don’t you think-years!!!?

    A few people here wanted me to dye some for them. They can pick what they want to purchase and then…I don’t know. Just addictive once you start. I do love hand embroidery.


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