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     I am having a very special guest on Saturday- an old friend of more than 25 years-and her mom. She is a faithful reader and is bugging me to death to make her a quilt. Since she is a very clean person, I felt compelled to tidy my studio. Ok that’s a bit of a lie- I will do anything to not have to work on my current project today! The whole new year thing kind of got to me. New year, clean up the junk. I also know, once I start working on my homework for a class I am taking this spring,  I know I will see nothing- I will need to be focused.

     We moved here four years ago and ended up doing a whole renovation on this house. Not really planned but done at this point. The room over the garages was drywalled and while I was gone to Vermont the first year, my husband had it carpeted for me-awfully sweet guy but I was kind of taking over the house with my art. As time went on, I have added shelving and the room is better than I ever dreamed of. I can leave many projects in process out and close the door when I am done for the day. No more clearing off the kitchen table at dinner time!

     Since this is the cleanest it has ever been and it will be this clean for about two more hours, I will show you.

     I love having windows above my desk. My sewing cabinet faces my two design walls so I can think about things while I sew and see them from a distance.

     Yup I am very spoiled- I have two design walls which are about 6×6. They are homesote(?spelling) boards covered in flannel. I can pin right into them. There are bookshelves and drawers for all my junk.

      Shelves for fabric.

     And a old antique printer’s desk to cut on that’s just high enough for me.And now that I have procrastinated… I’ll let you know if my friend likes my quilts. Happy Sewing, my friends!

6 thoughts on “My Studio

  1. Anonymous

    I am both in love and serious envy of your space! How totally awesome! My hubby can’t wait for the day he doesn’t have to deal with my projects scattered about, but he’ll be waiting a long time! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  2. Gail Baar

    Colleen, I am so envious of your space! I also have a homesote design wall, but mine is only 4×4. You are so lucky with such a big room! I would love to have a place to go and not be interrupted. Good luck on your homework!


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