Part 1: Mesmerized By Artprize 2015

(I wrote this post at the beginning of Artprize and didn’t publish it. Felt like it is worthy of a publish!)

Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids

Every year I doubt whether or not “this” year can compete with last year.

It starts and I still doubt.

But then on a beautiful fall night, I leave my Artprize venue and rush around to see what I can see in an hour.

Day crowds at DeVos

Day crowds at DeVos

And you know what? It doesn’t matter what I see or how much I see. I get tears in my eyes when I say this. But it’s not about my piece. It’s not about how my piece compares to others in the same genre of work. It’s not about what venue I got into. It’s not about good art versus bad art . It’s not about the prize or prize money.  It’s not about public versus juried art. Or how well respected the event is in the larger art world. No, not at all.


It’s all about the people craving the art experience.

DSC_0400 A huge community of people out enjoying and viewing art. Lots of art. And over the course of 3 weeks, they will keep coming back.










I am grateful that I have been mesmerized by people enjoying art in my wonderful city.

Artprize 2015 by Brian Kelly-I look for this every year as he has a pulse on the event.


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