• Rooflines Gallery
Time Fragments

Rooflines Gallery

In this series, the art quilts reveal my fascination with how man\'s architecture interacts with the natural environment whether it is a decaying barn, a precious conservatory or an urban skyscraper interacting with sky, farm fields or mountains.

Directions Gallery

This series investigates how motifs placed in different directions alter the visual impact of a composition. How many different directions or paths could you choose to arrive at the same point? Are you there for the journey or the arrival at a specific destination?

Connections Gallery

The simplest connections are the ones I value the most: a kind smile, an honest response , a heartfelt note, but , most importantly, time spent making a connection with another human being. In this series, I was simply and honestly having the color and the design make new connections in order to complete the composition. I was taking the time to see how all aspects intersected in a connection.