Sense of Community: Part 2

    Thanks for reading that very long post yesterday. I forgot to post links to all those wonderful people I told you about yesterday so let me try….

Lorilee Beltman-City Knitting. Under Knitting Nuggets you will find excellent tutorials from Craft Sanity on Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Baby Surprise Jacket, Continental Knitting, etc. And the great big orange couch. This site  will remain active despite the store closing.

Jared Flood-brooklyntweed– designer and photographer-his pictures of his creations are amazing.


Of course there is Ravelry, but I won’t enable you to go there today. You don’t have time to be lost for a few hours.
I always have one knitting project in my purse for my “wait-for kids” times. What about you?

Just a wee bit of sewing going on here…not these fabrics….need to go put lights outside…

Happy Sewing, my friends.

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