Sneak Peek: Day 3

     We stayed for a lecture last night so ran late… I feel like day #3 was kind of the crossroads for me. I am figuring what techniques I may want to add to what I am doing and what I just don’t like.

 And sometimes, it is just what you have the capability to do at home versus the perfect studio which you have here at the Barn. Wet studio that is or having a thermofax machine or investing in lots of mediums. I need to think about it more. But now must run to wash out more fabrics for the next processes.


     I am leaving at 4 tonight to travel to a local museum for an art exhibition. Should be fun. Really wish it would stop raining.

     Be creative, my friends.

2 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: Day 3

  1. patty a.

    Colleen, Sorry for all the rain. Here in Ohio all it has been doing is raining for the last six weeks. Sounds like you are having a busy time at the Crow barn!


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