Snow Day: Giveaway continued

 This is what it looks like outside my front door today-school is closed and at 8:30am they are all outside playing already. It’s beautiful out there. One more for those of you who don’t have snow.

      I am working on # 6 yet. Just seem to have too much Christmas stuff to do to get any sewing done. I’ll show you my first commission that I finished last spring. The new owners are very pleased with it and since it was hand quilted I was more than relieved that I was done with it. Looking at it now, I would not have put any borders on it but let the center composition stand alone with a flat binding. What a difference a few months makes !

   These are the colors they wanted and fabrics they chose. Much easier to have someone buy something already made! But rewarding to have pleased them.

GIVEAWAY: See Sense of Community post below. Just leave a comment to be entered or drop me an email if you don’t feel comfortable with that. ( Only three people have jumped on board and there are 3 prizes. Giveaway on Wed Dec 9th.

Off to play today. Happy sewing, my friends. Have a good weekend.

7 thoughts on “Snow Day: Giveaway continued

  1. lcroswell

    You have more snow there than we have in Vermont. Actually, anyone who has snow has more than we have where I live! Okemo is still not open and it sure doesn’t look promising for the weekend even though they say they’re openning.
    Hope you have a productive day.

  2. paula

    i kind of agree…no border would have been much stronger but hey, it’s their thing :O
    good job! congrats!!!! big deal i’d say.
    we got some snow here in texas! covered the ground but melted by late afternoon.
    enjoy…i dont miss it really, but it is beautiful.

  3. Michelle Olson from St. Augustine Florida

    Love your photos….my mother-in-law, Ruth Anne, mentioned your blog. I’m so glad she did. Everything is very inspiring!


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