Spinning and Spinning

     I do love the design aspect of this. But when I get stuck I have a bad habit of putting things in a ziplock bag. Except that bad habit is making me feel too guilty with the price of cotton slowly increasing. So this time I decided to be better at photographing and then cutting the photo up first before the fabric- once I had it pieced.

      Well that didn’t help at all. I have run a marathon with this piece. And I do have a solution. But I have no idea how to sew it all together. I look at it and I want to run the other way. But last night, I started to sew it together -one seam at a time. Right now I estimate it will be 60x 70…you will have to wait.

   Meanwhile, I found the latest issue of Stitch. And bought it. Great article on indigo dyeing. Not sure I want to try it but would like to research it as I love the colors that you achieve.

I was lost in the list of resources last night.  (Yes, another form of procrastination I know.) 
Focus is the word of the day I think. 
Be creative, my friends!
(Blogger is stuck in caption mode-I give up trying to fix it…)

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