The Apathetic Blogger

     That would absolutely be me! I keep thinking I have nothing really important to tell you or show you. And I get tired of telling you I am busy. But I am. Instead of 30 hours a week in the studio, I am lucky to get 15 hours. I went back to tracking my studio time and daily home schedule to see where I am missing things. I came to the conclusion that spring is all about kids and their schedules. And now I am grateful to even make that 15 hours of studio time! It kind of changed my entire attitude.

     I finally finished the quilting and binding on a piece I made last summer.

Looking Through The Lens #2, 2012, 35×40

I wasn’t happy with my thread choice and the way I chose to quilt it. I felt it muted the colors out too much. But I do love the texture that quilting gives, don’t you? Now that I see it in the bright sun, I am happier with it. Why are we so critical of our work all the time?

Never leave your pins in this long-they leave a spot of rust. Of course’s it on the light fabric.  Another piece done. What are you working on?


5 thoughts on “The Apathetic Blogger

  1. Beth

    These are my favorite colors so you know I’m loving that abs I also like the irregular spacing of the quilting rows. Very nice. I also loved the “pinned” quilt from you last post. There is something about those “building” shapes that I find very appealing.

  2. Heather P

    Colleen, I love this piece! And you quilting really brings it to life. I love the texture that straight line quilting adds.

    Are you going to the Barn this year?

  3. Kathleen Probst

    I do like the quilting. I have come across the same issue with thread color. You have to decide whether the white will have colored thread going through it or the color will have white thread going through it.

    Since I didn’t see the quilt before you quilted it, I don’t miss the brighter color, but I understand how you feel.

    Sometimes I feel like I’m running in place with studio time. I am juggling the same things you are. Hooray for the time we do get to create!


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