The Butterflies are Back

     I took a few minutes to myself this morning to do something different. I was early and knew the crowds would be light. The humidity was really overwhelming and it took my camera a long time to adjust to the heat. I felt as if I was having a bit of a tropical vacation-at the botanical gardens down the street from me. Every year there is a butterfly exhibit for about 6 weeks and you can sit and enjoy the beautiful butterflies that hatch(not the right word?) from their chrysalis.

They proved to be elusive and hard to capture at just the right moment. I was looking for the famous blue one but only saw it from a distance.

The orchids were beautiful. My peace for the day. And yes, I am procrastinating on my chores for the day.!

Happy sewing, my friends.

3 thoughts on “The Butterflies are Back

  1. Anonymous

    What a WONDERFUL thing to do! And just down the street??? SO jealous! Nothing wrong with starting your day taking in some of God’s splendor! Sounds like a great way to welcome spring!

  2. lcroswell

    Butterflies are tough to photograph. It seems that you need to take way too many to get any good ones. I bet you would get good results with the feature that takes several shots in quick succession at one press of the button. I still have very fond memories of the butterfly house down in Chatanooga, TN.


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