The Results Are In

     Never got around to snow dyeing on Wednesday. I came to my senses and realized I just had a little bit of time to see what would happen with those little plexiglass cut-outs. And the reason I  hauled out the dye to begin with was that I needed some more navy blue for a background I am working on. But- there wasn’t much pfd fabric left in my stash. I tried a 50 percent cotton/ linen blend from Kaufman that I had.

The piece on the left is a fat quarter of velvet. So pretty. The others aren’t quite dark enough for what I needed.

These are the pieces that I used c-clamps on with the plexiglass cut-outs. I only had a few c-clamps. Not enough to make a big batch but something I will definitely do this summer when I can make more of a mess. Then, I had tried wrapping a piece of plastic pipe. Of course, without reading about how to do this.

Nice result on the one end. I just didn’t have the pipe placed in the right kind of container nor did I even come close to the true technique. Another technique to put on my list for summer.

I added a little sunshine to the day in the form of one of my quilt tops from vacation and machine stitched away. Bright colors definitely help on a snowy day!

                                                Vermont Sunshine and Wildflowers

I heavily quilted this one just to work on fine machine quilting. I now truly appreciate those machine quilters that do lots of  fine line work-this is truly an art. It reminded me to schedule an eye doctor appointment.

I love the fine lines! Now what else to do with them?

Happy Sewing, my friends!

3 thoughts on “The Results Are In

  1. Gail Baar

    I, too just quilted a top with very close together stitching.It was from 1/16-14″ I believe, in varying widths. I am still not sure what I think of it, and what I really like. How do you like what you did?

  2. Colleen Kole

    Mmm. I am not sure if the stitching overwhelms it or I like it. I need to think about it. Everyone I showed it to -to get an opinion-definitely wanted to touch it! Three quilters and three family members. I know that part was unanimous!


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