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The Aftermath

The Aftermath of a Workshop

The Aftermath of a Workshop

I came home on Saturday after a 2 week workshop with Nancy Crow at the Barn titled Potpourri 1 and 2.  To spend time with 27 other women who are pushing the boundaries of their work was more than a privilege. There was a wide range of experience but no limit on honesty, compassion, support and willingness to share technique and information. I wanted to pinch myself at times to make sure it was real. And then, when I slept for about 5-hours, sewed for 12 hours every day including sewing time on the weekend , got frustrated beyond belief when nothing would come of my efforts the last few days, drank a few glasses of wine and laughed until I cried, I knew it was real.

I met new friends (miss you Barb and Maria) , caught up with old friends from previous workshops,  and worked side by side with Elizabeth .  I am inspired , a little overstimulated, sad  sad it’s done with but more than excited to get back to work in my studio.

Back to work after I put it all away.



Ready, Set, Go

Tomorrow is the artist’s opening for Artprize 2013. I am excited to see the venue and meet the other artists. But I am most excited to spend time with 2 friends, Elizabeth Brandt and Gail  Baar. All of us will have work that is being exhibited at the same venue. It’s a nice treat to be able to share the event with friends.

I have been working on some bindings for a few of my pieces. Terri Watson of Threadtales Quilting helped me by machine quilting them on her very pretty Gammill long arm.  It was so great to have a boost in the finish column. Thanks Terri! Soon they will be done. After we see lots of art this week at Artprize.

Line study details

Line study details


Welcome to My New Space

Looks like you found your way here. I am very excited to cross website off my list! So I took an hour today to reward myself and went to one of my favorite places, Frederik Meijer Gardens.

Meijer Gardens

Meijer Gardens

I will return to sewing tomorrow. And my prep for 2 weeks at the Barn. I am really nervous this time as I know how exhausting one week is. I can’t even imagine  2 weeks but am ready to be stretched.

And that is after Artprize which starts next week.


Art Delivered

        It has been a summer of travels. We returned last week from Vermont.

       Within 12 hours of being home, I jumped right into the AQS show which was being held in Grand Rapids. I took two classes there and then volunteered with the takedown process which really was eyeopening. The volunteers put the quilts in their shipping boxes. It was very evident that long cardboard boxes get squished in the mailing process. The tubes remained intact and ready to ship the quilts back to their owners.

      Lesson learned: If you aren’t able to use a square box, use a heavy duty mailing tube. Do not take multiple boxes taped together to make a long tube.

      Yesterday, I delivered my Rooflines #10 for Artprize 2013. I purchased a large tube from U-Line. It didn’t quite fit in my car until I put the top down. I pushed it in between the seats and delivered it without a problem to my venue, Artprize Cathedral Square. Artprize begins on Wednesday September 18th this year.  Exciting times ahead.

This weekend we travel to Iowa to drop my daughter off for college. I am trying not think of how much I will miss her! 

Rooflines #10

     Before I left home, I finished Rooflines # 10.  This piece was inspired by the houses in the distance tucked into the Green Mountains that you can see at dusk.

©Colleen Kole , 2013, “Rooflines # 10, 70 x 82 

I did use free motion quilting on this piece changing colors with the each little section.
And dense quilting.

Detail shot of © Rooflines #10
In process and ready for binding

I am pleased with this piece and love the way the lines are enhanced with the quilting. I am so happy it’s done. And even more happy:

This piece has been accepted into Artprize 2013 at the Cathedral Square venue. More on that to come.