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Project Joy: #1


      We had a great weekend and enjoyed time at my daughter’s college. The weather was in the 60’s and sunny which really hasn’t happened much this fall. I had high hopes for many portrait pictures to show you but my family is not happy with the camera. That really surprised me. Or they just didn’t have fun with me adjusting camera settings. Manual mode is very hard for me. Just can’t seem to get the hang of it. Maybe not having fun is a mild phrase-they were getting annoyed . I moved on to the dogs and they started running away.  I need new subjects. But here’s my crew. We will learn how to crop this weekend. Thank goodness.
     I did manage to finish this quilt over the weekend. I began quilting 20 years ago using reproduction fabrics and they fit well in all of our older homes. When I was sewing on it this weekend, I still loved the softness in my hand of the old indigoes. The Bowtie pattern is one of my favorites. I wonder if I could work with the pattern improvisationally. Guess it’s an idea for a series next year.
                                                         Bowtie Beauty
     Ok seriously my pictures are way too dark. Must get back to the camera manual and sewing. Happy sewing,  my friends.