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Done Hibernating

     I traveled to Vermont the day after Christmas, and I feel like I was a bear hibernating for the past week.  The weather was really dreary-rain, snow, rain but not unusual for this week.

I would sleep, read, play games with the kids and then come up for food. The daily walks never stopped. There was the occasional burst of energy but just lack of focus. I was getting frustrated and then I was reminded by my husband that it’s ok to take a vacation.

     So,  I relaxed and gave in to the vacation.  And I have woken up and feel much better. But I forgot the proper pile of fabric I had sitting on my table to bring with me. So, I made do with what was here without panicking.

Charity Baby Quilt, 2012, 36×36

     Made a charity quilt to get going again.

     I feel ready to move into 2012. Last year was my year of the technique learning as much as I could about different techniques and I believe this year is the- year of focus and doing the work.

     Happy New Year!

Beginning of Holiday Projects

     I started a small doll quilt for our guild donation. They collect dolls and doll quilts for the Santa Claus Girls , an organization in Kent County which provides gifts for needy kids at Christmas. It is an organization founded in 1908 and has continued for over one hundred years. That is a long term commitment to kids.

     My goal for most of these projects is to just use what I  have on hand. No crazy buying or getting things I won’t use but just use my supplies on hand. I know I will run out of batting but with my Joann’s coupon,  I should not spend a significant amount of money.

     You know me well enough that this will look different the next time you see it. It needs to be done by next Tuesday night so I need to get going on the finishing part of it. No time to procrastinate.

    Are you making things for the holidays?

     Happy Sewing , my friends!

Quilts Needed

     Before it gets too busy around the holidays, think about what you can do to help. We all have plenty of fabric. Think about the time you might waste trying to make the perfect art piece. And it just isn’t working out. Stop. Take a break and make a quilt for someone who just needs to be warm this winter.

    We all can make a difference. Get going and make a quilt – a warm , cozy snuggly thing and remember why you just like the sewing part of it. And the gifting part of it. Think of these places that NEED quilts:

1.Margaret’s Hope Chest
2. Bumblebees Basic
3. West Michigan Quilt Guild: Neonatal Unit

Thanks in advance for helping someone who really needs help this year.

Be creative and make a difference, my friends.

There was a Goal Set/ #5 Finished

     Wasn’t there? I think the number was seven. Well, I think this is five. I had purchased small block kits at a yearly shop hop. Never made it to all the shops so I had miscellaneous blocks sitting in a pile. Once I opened the packages and saw-directions – dreaded directions- I knew I couldn’t follow them. So, I started cutting them up and now I have a little improvisational baby quilt.

One donation for March already done! ( Yes, I think all sane people are thinking about March in the month of Christmas.A little absolute insanity for the week before Christmas when I haven’t even finished Christmas prep yet….)

                                                    Sweetness and Light
                                                          37×37, 2010

     I had my family Christmas party this weekend. My brother and sister-in-law  from Indianapolis spent the weekend with us. Lots of busy going on here. My family -minus my sick sister and her sick daughter…

       Yes , I have a whacked header up there. I just really only have a certain amount of competence with Photoshop. I will have to wait until my daughter comes home from her exam today and fixes it. With a lot of eye rolling and little patience for me! 🙂 It really does bug me that I don’t know how to do this stuff. Fearless to try  but too foolish to know how to correct some of my mistakes. Oh well. No one will die from my whacked header today. Lesson learned: don’t change it until  you have the right thing to replace it with.

      Off to run a few errands. I will baste #6 today and finish it before Christmas leaving number 7 to be done the week after Christmas when I am on vacation. Or so goes the plan.

      Be creative, my friends!

Don’t Forget IBOL This Year

     I was in a purging mood last week. It all started with the re-do of one of our bedrooms upstairs to make it into a guest room. The bedroom had become a great place to stash everything that was no longer wanted or needed-kids clothes, outgrown stuffed animals, books,etc. It was scaring me. So, I made piles and began bringing things to Goodwill and then revamping the bedroom. Not done yet but  in process and I feel lighter.

     Well it felt so good I decided to do my studio. Empty drawers, throw away projects that were never going to get finished and make huge piles which are again slowly being put away. I even put a large quantity of yarn into piles and boxes .I ripped out half started projects and rewound the yarn. (My husband asked me if there was anything wrong-no I am not nesting,honey, just cleaning).  I try to knit but have currently decided not to buy anymore yarn:). But the point of this mindless but rewarding quest- to organize my life. To clear out the stuff that is undone and making me feel guilty it’s not done. And really doesn’t need to be done. You laugh again.

    At the same time, I received an e-mail reminding me about this project that I did last year- Iraqui Bundles of Love . What a great way to send supplies to someone who will make good use of them. I was able to pack two bundles up-one of fabric and sewing supplies and one of knitting things. Check them out and see if you can help.(DEADLINE: OCTOBER 1).  I also sent some art supplies to our school and the art teacher was very excited. Simple acts and it helped me too.

    However in the process of cleaning my studio- a big confession. I have 14 WIPs -works in progess.I feel trapped with all the tops not done.

Like my daughter posing in a jail cell at the Shelburne Museum.


They were stuffed in baskets and bags and drawers. I was beginning to itch(hives) as I saw the pile.  That is way too many even for me. What is wrong with me?

Off to conquer another scary thing-unfinished tops.

Happy sewing, my friends!

Just a Monday

     I did end up finishing all five of the baby quilts last week- technically, 4 quilts and one double recieving blanket. They looked pretty by the window as the sun peeked out late this afternoon. They will be delivered next week at our guild meeting. I can’t believe I was done a week ahead of time. Not because I was organized but because I put the meeting date on the calendar wrong.:) Oh silly me.

    I did start another top today. However, it just didn’t end up the way I wanted it to be.

 So, I think I will piece it together and use it as a base for something different or just cut it up! I have wanted to try two things. One to quilt something heavily on the machine and then go back and hand sew heavy thread -almost embroidery weight onto the finished piece. Or -if I am really brave- to machine quilt it and then paint it. Either way, I would only lose a day of sewing if I don’t like it.  I know – just want to keep trying things. Sooner or later something will work for me.  It’s just Monday.


A Week of Baby Quilts

   I love babies. I love holding them in the middle of the night and in the middle of the day. I love happy babies and screaming babies. Some people are baby people and some are not. My husband-is not a baby person.He doesn’t even like holding babies unless they are content and sleeping. Luckily, I did like babies and never minded that I did the majority of our kids care.

   I ,also, love making baby quilts-small and achievable sweet things. March is the month our guild donates baby quilts to one of the local hospitals for their neo-natal unit. So this week, I will see how many I can make.
They become another addictive thing to make.

     I think I need to make something for a little boy next. I have plenty in my stash of commercial fabrics to pick something other than flowers!

     Here in MI we don’t see much sun in the winter months. But I read yesterday that this is the longest stretch of sunny days we have had in a year. The sun looks so great shining in the windows. No wonder we are all smiling again.
     Off to see one of my favorite babies this morning.

     Happy Sewing, my friends.

Progress made

      I sewed yesterday until I could sew no more. I finished stitching around all thirty feet for my little auction quilt. I am not sure when I have been so happy- I was just dreading it. Now I must go to get the backing fabric. I will use batting too-someone asked me if I would and after checking with others who have used recycled jeans they have said it does work. I am worried about the bulk…but not dreading it as much as the tedious stitching around each foot-now done!

      If you take away the feet, the background is really cool.

     I also started sewing my strip sets for my next project. A good day to be inside and sew. Although some clean snow might be nice. That or a vacation somewhere warm!

     Everyone’s foot was so different!
Happy Sewing, my friends!

Dick and Jane

    My favorite local quilt shop closed in Vermont this summer. It was called The Quilted Lilly and I always enjoyed going there whenever we were in town. I was truly sad as it was one of my favorite things to do when I visited.  She just couldn’t make it in this tough economy and for that I am trying to support my local shop here in Grand Rapids. Vermont is am amazing place as far as support of anything locally made- vegetables, fruits, dairy and even textiles. I cherish the local farmer even more after spending lots of time there each summer. More about that later- but support your local producers.

     Back to today. I finished my blue flannel for Project Hope. I then moved on to my next charity quilt was was super fun last night.  I purchased these Dick and Jane fabrics at The Quilted Lily during their closing sale. I  love Dick and Jane. Who doesn’t?  I initially cut them in to six inch blocks. But too boring. So, of course added a strip set. And it felt much better. Even practiced my machine quilting with wavy lines.

     This little doll quilt is 20×32 made for the WMQG Santa Claus Girl drive. And I get to buy a doll to go with it. Last  year, I think we contributed over 400 quilts with dolls for West Michigan. And that is a good thing for our local kids. Do something for someone local today.  Happy sewing my friends.