Don’t Forget IBOL This Year

     I was in a purging mood last week. It all started with the re-do of one of our bedrooms upstairs to make it into a guest room. The bedroom had become a great place to stash everything that was no longer wanted or needed-kids clothes, outgrown stuffed animals, books,etc. It was scaring me. So, I made piles and began bringing things to Goodwill and then revamping the bedroom. Not done yet but  in process and I feel lighter.

     Well it felt so good I decided to do my studio. Empty drawers, throw away projects that were never going to get finished and make huge piles which are again slowly being put away. I even put a large quantity of yarn into piles and boxes .I ripped out half started projects and rewound the yarn. (My husband asked me if there was anything wrong-no I am not nesting,honey, just cleaning).  I try to knit but have currently decided not to buy anymore yarn:). But the point of this mindless but rewarding quest- to organize my life. To clear out the stuff that is undone and making me feel guilty it’s not done. And really doesn’t need to be done. You laugh again.

    At the same time, I received an e-mail reminding me about this project that I did last year- Iraqui Bundles of Love . What a great way to send supplies to someone who will make good use of them. I was able to pack two bundles up-one of fabric and sewing supplies and one of knitting things. Check them out and see if you can help.(DEADLINE: OCTOBER 1).  I also sent some art supplies to our school and the art teacher was very excited. Simple acts and it helped me too.

    However in the process of cleaning my studio- a big confession. I have 14 WIPs -works in progess.I feel trapped with all the tops not done.

Like my daughter posing in a jail cell at the Shelburne Museum.


They were stuffed in baskets and bags and drawers. I was beginning to itch(hives) as I saw the pile.  That is way too many even for me. What is wrong with me?

Off to conquer another scary thing-unfinished tops.

Happy sewing, my friends!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Forget IBOL This Year

  1. Anonymous

    Does this mean that I should confess that this week I unearthed strips I cut 20 years ago for a set of quilts I made & sold back then? TWENTY years ago! How is that even possible??? I looked at them thinking that surely I could do a much more fun quilt for my girls out of these, but am shaking my head that I’ve even allowed myself to hold onto this stuff for so long! Like you, I’m also in a purging mode and beginning to contemplate if I should just clean out altogether before I unearth some of the same stuff 20 years from now!
    Your equally trapped friend,


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