Recycled Jeans


   I am in charge(sounds like a lot of responsibility, doesn’t it?) of making an auction quilt for my son’s class at school. Now the auction isn’t until March but I need to start cutting the quilt out to see what I might yet need. So a friend and I will start the project today. I have collected about thirty pairs of old jeans from the kids.  We’ll start cutting them apart today to see how much” fabric” we have. Then I will begin stitching them together in a really random way. Yeah-ok- I have no plan. One piece building off another. It will truly be an improvisational quilt as I have no idea-ok maybe a vague idea of what we will do. I don’t want to give too much away. I do want to include some of the moms after Christmas in this project- they have expressed interest in the process so you never know who you might inspire.

 Stay tuned as this will be an after the New Year completion I am sure.

     Now tomorrow I will have something fun for you. A little lottery giveaway but you must think of someone fun to tell about my blog.

  Happy sewing, my friends.

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