Moving Along With Gifts 2, 3 and 4

   Sounds like Dr Seuss , doesn’t it? Thing  1 and Thing 2….Well, yes, I still have my sanity. And I am still laughing. I did finish some gifts so that made me feel a little better and hope to move on to the prep for the holidays after this weekend. My family party is this weekend so I am glad I finished my sister’s quilt in just the right amount of time to say-woo-hoo I finished just in time!

Maureen’s  Quilt
52x 55 , 2011

Commercial Kona  and Lotta Jansdotter print 

    Quick, easy and simple and hopefully, exactly what she wanted.  She wanted one print and the rest solids- many years ago when she requested one. So we’ll see. If she doesn’t want it, my husband said he is the taker of this quilt.  That really surprised me. This was just fun to do as I had no expectations as to what wonderful art it needed to be. And to think it was for my sister really added to the joy of planning it and completing it.

     And thing 2 and thing 3  are done too.

     This is a scarf for the rather selective daughter written about previously. These are her colors and the color of her coat so let’s hope she likes it. If not, I have purchased the perfect tag for her present. I have kept it a secret so we’ll see about this too.

     And lastly, this silly felted yarn basket I wrote about last time. I meant it for my “secret sister” in a new bee I belong to. It is just the container for her gift so I am no longer going to stress about it. Everything I have for her fits inside the basket so it will be the gift bag.  It just turned out larger than I wanted but easily fits several skeins of yarn. ( It wasn’t a hat as my daughter thought it was going to be. 🙂

      At the end of last night when I had finished three gifts, I wondered: Do we not make gifts for others because we feel our gift is ” inadequate”  or because the amount of work is just too much? I think I feel self conscious that they might not like what I have made for them. Or that it will not measure up to what others have made. I am 50 years old- not in high school anymore. Time to get over it and have some self confidence I think. I do enjoy making for others. That has been my fun this Christmas!

     Be creative, my friends.

9 thoughts on “Moving Along With Gifts 2, 3 and 4

  1. paula

    i love that felt basket. stop cutting your stuff down, well, at least stop cutting your WORK down! if someone doesnt like it it doesnt mean its the work. ITS THEM. the quilt for your sister is wonderful too!
    i dont remember you writing about that basket…so did YOU make it?

  2. Nellie's Needles

    You’ve been one busy Santa’s helper. I don’t see how anyone could help but be thrilled with your gifts.

    Your gift tags are a hoot. I’m going to use that on the pot holders I’ve made for my friends 😉
    My thinking is “if I need some good looking functional potholders, surely they do too.


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