Color Days:#3

     Busy, busy, busy at the end of the school year. From one hour to the next and trying to be efficient and not forget any food I have to bring to all these events. I conclude that May and the first two weeks of June are busier than December. Enough though! It has been deliciously warm here and I have been squeezing the fabric dyeing in at very odd times.


     My son said,”Great texture Mom”. A man after my own heart. I love it.

     He graduated from 6th grade this week. Hard to believe he is done with elementary school and so am I. Knowing they are ready to move on and yet not wanting to move forward. Very bittersweet.

    My sweet, sweet little man.

    And my sweet, very hot girl whose team keeps winning in all this heat. 95 degrees last night on a turf field.

     Almost to the lazy days of summer, but not quite yet. Just enjoying the kids and trying to dye fabrics this week. I just washed out about twenty yards from yesterday. More tomorrow.

Be creative, my friends!

One thought on “Color Days:#3

  1. Robbie

    What great kids!! Enjoy your summer with them!! love the texture you have in some of those pieces! And how cool your son recognized the texture!


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