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A New Show, A New Store and A Little Spring

fabric is flying…this week

fabric is flying…this week

I have been working away in the midst of the never-ending winter here in Michigan. I feel the clock ticking down to spring and a garden but am really making the most of my indoor time. And I am appreciating it.


A few catch ups for you:

1. I am currently in Lisa Call‘s Master class and one of the goals I have given myself is to track my actual studio and art business time . I have logged in 58 hours this week. I felt like I was working hard and moving forward but never had any really numbers to justify those thoughts.   Good news: This week Monday through Friday, I logged 58 great hours of art time: 46 actual studio time hours and 12 art business hours.  Woohoo and no wonder I am tired  tonight. Bad news: I am not ready to show you what I am working on yet.

2. I have work hung at the Electric Cheetah restaurant. Last Friday, I hung 5 of my pieces at the restaurant in their mini art gallery section and Saturday went for dinner there to celebrate. Go if you are in the area as they will likely be there for 2 months. It was a great learning experience in having a solo show (lots of work but rewarding ) and it was received well there. Nice to have my art be seen.

Show at the Electric Cheetah

Show at the Electric Cheetah

3. I found a new store just a few miles from my home. I went today to visit and was very happy to see bright lighting, modern fabrics and a great store owner who was helpful and enthusiastic about her upcoming classes and events. She will be hosting a Modern Quilt guild meeting at her store on Tuesday April 1st at 6:30 pm if you are interested. Super excited to see her come to the area and I wish her well. 

Stitched Studio opening in Grand Rapids

Stitched Studio opening in Grand Rapids


I bought a few fabrics for fun summertime making.

Lotta Jansdotter love

Lotta Jansdotter love

4. A wonderful friend Lynne sent me some spring last week.  The multi-talented Lynne is one of the first people I made a group quilt with. She made these beautiful butterflies for me sending a little spring my way. Thanks Lynne! I love my friends I have made along the way !

Lynne's butterflies

Lynne’s butterflies

DSC_6900It really will come. Spring is coming soon.

A Promise is a Promise

     I promised myself that I would get the carpet cleaned in my studio when summer was over. For the past six years, I have made that promise. And this year, I am keeping that promise to myself. I spent this afternoon moving all the loose items in my studio out. Now, tomorrow, I will have my husband help me move the rest of the smaller furniture out.

     I will move a machine down on the kitchen table so I am not interrupted. It’s my first day with the kids in school and I easily could have procrastinated on the carpet cleaning.  My list of what I want to accomplish before Artprize is very long. I also got a little help from a friend, Terri Watson. She is quilting two of my pieces and I can’t wait to get them back. I will share when they come back.


Stitching and Stitching

     If I have been reading a blog consistently and then the person is not there for a few days, I start to worry about them. Well, I do worry about alot of things so maybe this is no big deal, but I truly do worry about that person. Where are they? Are they ok? Did they just give up and stop creating? Or stop writing? Even if I have never met this person who is now a friend, of course, because I read about their life each day, I worry about them. (I really can’t believe I am rattling on like this right now. I am blaming my state of being on January.) But I take a vested interest in my blog artists out there. Selfishly, they entertain me and inspire me.

     So, stop working so hard out there that you don’t have time to stop and blog and tell me about how many wonderful things you are creating. Just let me know you are ok every once in a while. Otherwise I worry.

     Going bonkers after doing many blocks of the same pieces this week. It seemed like a good idea at the time but it has been a long time since I have done blocks….Stitching and stitching and it will be done. Even though it might not fit together. 🙂

     I am doing something smaller next week as I need a hand stitching project to work on. I can’t believe how many people ask you about your work if you are just sitting and taking a few stitches.

     I hope you have a good weekend. Be creative, my friends and stay warm!

My Studio

     I am having a very special guest on Saturday- an old friend of more than 25 years-and her mom. She is a faithful reader and is bugging me to death to make her a quilt. Since she is a very clean person, I felt compelled to tidy my studio. Ok that’s a bit of a lie- I will do anything to not have to work on my current project today! The whole new year thing kind of got to me. New year, clean up the junk. I also know, once I start working on my homework for a class I am taking this spring,  I know I will see nothing- I will need to be focused.

     We moved here four years ago and ended up doing a whole renovation on this house. Not really planned but done at this point. The room over the garages was drywalled and while I was gone to Vermont the first year, my husband had it carpeted for me-awfully sweet guy but I was kind of taking over the house with my art. As time went on, I have added shelving and the room is better than I ever dreamed of. I can leave many projects in process out and close the door when I am done for the day. No more clearing off the kitchen table at dinner time!

     Since this is the cleanest it has ever been and it will be this clean for about two more hours, I will show you.

     I love having windows above my desk. My sewing cabinet faces my two design walls so I can think about things while I sew and see them from a distance.

     Yup I am very spoiled- I have two design walls which are about 6×6. They are homesote(?spelling) boards covered in flannel. I can pin right into them. There are bookshelves and drawers for all my junk.

      Shelves for fabric.

     And a old antique printer’s desk to cut on that’s just high enough for me.And now that I have procrastinated… I’ll let you know if my friend likes my quilts. Happy Sewing, my friends!