Stitching and Stitching

     If I have been reading a blog consistently and then the person is not there for a few days, I start to worry about them. Well, I do worry about alot of things so maybe this is no big deal, but I truly do worry about that person. Where are they? Are they ok? Did they just give up and stop creating? Or stop writing? Even if I have never met this person who is now a friend, of course, because I read about their life each day, I worry about them. (I really can’t believe I am rattling on like this right now. I am blaming my state of being on January.) But I take a vested interest in my blog artists out there. Selfishly, they entertain me and inspire me.

     So, stop working so hard out there that you don’t have time to stop and blog and tell me about how many wonderful things you are creating. Just let me know you are ok every once in a while. Otherwise I worry.

     Going bonkers after doing many blocks of the same pieces this week. It seemed like a good idea at the time but it has been a long time since I have done blocks….Stitching and stitching and it will be done. Even though it might not fit together. 🙂

     I am doing something smaller next week as I need a hand stitching project to work on. I can’t believe how many people ask you about your work if you are just sitting and taking a few stitches.

     I hope you have a good weekend. Be creative, my friends and stay warm!

5 thoughts on “Stitching and Stitching

  1. Gail Baar

    You are funny Colleen! My problem is that I have tried everything this week and have gotten no where–yet! And although I feel terrible(sick), I am certain something will happen, at some point. And you always need a picture!

  2. Colleen Kole

    Hope you feel better! Yes, I do have a way of driving myself crazy. I did finish a top and it’s big for me. I’ll post soon as I take some pictures…

    I had a few days where I had a sinus headache. Better but frustrating. Hot things to drink help!

  3. Rayna

    Awwww…whether you read my blog or not, and whether you worried or not, I’m checking in – LOL. If I don’t post for a few days it is because I am dealing with my husband’s health problems and who wants to hear about THAT??? I used to be more imaginative and think up things to post no matter what, but my brain hurts from all of that.

    I would shoot myself if I had to do the same thing over and over again, so I understand your pain!


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