How Do You Organize?

     I have spent some time re-organizing and purging my studio the last week or so. I feel like I do it every few months but I am now actually getting rid of supplies I know I won’t need. I moved some tables around and it just feels better now. And more room, of course, makes room for more fabric I will dye this summer. But the kind of re-organizing I need to do now is the kind I really don’t have a good system for-a good record of completed pieces. Sure, I have managed to loosely organize my photos but need things like measurements, dates completed, etc. The stuff you are looking for when you go to submit a piece to a show.

    So, my question for you is -what are you currently doing to organize your record of completed pieces? Just on your computer ?

    My kids are on spring break starting tomorrow. We have been left behind in Michigan where the rest of the population has left for Florida. Seriously, I am always wondering why it doesn’t just fall off and into the ocean with all the people that will be there from Michigan. We decided that rain, snow and 45 would be lovely instead.

   How do you organize that info? It would be helpful for me to know!

   You might have to be creative for me for the next week…I feel like every time I get going there is an interruption lately.  My kids told me that this week’s creation up on my design wall looks like a beach blanket. After a day or so, I had to agree. I am taking sections of it apart.  I don’t think beach-like is exactly what I was after. That’s life, my friends.

    I suspect I will be in and out the next week.

3 thoughts on “How Do You Organize?

  1. paula

    i make a word doc file and then of course it is on my website and/or etsy. i usually have a print out too as you need that when you take work somewhere.

    another thing to do i guess would be to measure and write all the info down on a card and pin it to the work, or put in the box or however you store it.

  2. mad elena

    Been considering the same thing myself. I’d go for a physical sheet of paper with info for each piece, all in a binder. At least some basic info including front and back photos. Anything more? Once I’m that organized I’d have a better idea.

  3. Colleen Kole

    paula-with your inventory, you must be very organized!

    mad elena- yes I am imagining a binder.

    thanks-it might be trial and error to start with. a spring cleaning kind of thing.


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