Catching Up

     First, let me thank you for your comments on my last little piece. Orange feels more comfortable now.   Not a like but definitely more comfortable.  

   Back at it again this week after a quick trip to Connecticut for a funeral. I had so much fun catching up with old friends, enjoying Connecticut scenery and eating some great New England clam chowder. It is a place I easily slipped back into despite the sad circumstances. Hard to leave.

      I came back with a clogged tear duct which needed medical attention. It has happened before so I hope I caught it early enough….just something odd to deal with while playing catch up. Bothersome more than anything.

     I ended up spending the last few nights catching up on my shibori class. The stitching for these small exercises is time consuming. But just like everything else that takes time, the results are really pretty. Everyone keeps asking me what I will do with these samples and I have decided that the successful ones will be part of a class sampler-all included in one piece once the class is done. Two more lessons are coming my way in the next two weeks.

     I didin’t realize that there are different names for different stitching techniques and this  blue one is makiame.

Oriniui example-this one was the most time consuming.

Another makiame. I thought the heart could be for a special bookmark.

A few nights work. When I think of the beautiful kimonos I have seen, I am in awe over their patience with stitching such intricate designs.

 Now waiting for another lesson to come today.

Be creative, my friends. Off to take down Christmas lights. That is really pathetic.

One thought on “Catching Up

  1. csb

    You are one up on me. We still have Christmas lights up. I am considering leaving them up. When S. returns from TX he will feel at home. Don’t they do that down there?


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