A Little Orange

     I like orange but never have really used much in any of my pieces. So, in the wonderful quest of self improvement and art improvement that I am on,  I chose orange. ( Yes that was a little sarcastic but I did choose it because I wanted a  little challenge.)

                                                                    Colorplay #3

     Funny how I go back to simple strip piecing and am happy with it.

     I continue to like tight dense quilting. It just looks crisp and clean.

     I had a proud mom moment this week. My son Ben won an award at the speech meet. He recited the JFK inaugural address without an one mistake-boldly and confidently. I was beaming. The pictures were all blurry so I am waiting for another mom to send me some of hers. Which led me to schedule an eye appointment for today! I kept noticing how blurry everything was I was taking. Ughh… I hate missing kid photo moments.

     The sun came out after the ice storm . All my class fabric samples from the last month and it captured the sunlight so beautifully.

     I am off to Connecticut this weekend for a funeral of a dear man and pastor of the church we used to attend.  I haven’t been there for a visit in a long time. It will be a time of re-connecting with old friends and memories. Must pack and get the kids ready for the weekend. They are staying home with Dad.

     Appreciate those you are with, my friends. And be creative.

6 thoughts on “A Little Orange

  1. mad elena

    Your quilt looks great – very successful use of orange! I have the same problem with red so I’ve been trying to use more of it.
    Despite the circumstances, have a great time in Connecticut.

  2. lcroswell

    Yay for Ben. I can’t use manual focus much anymore because I can’t count on clear pictures. Some days I see better than others so I have to rely on auto focus for clear pix.
    Hmmm… I’m feeling inspired to make a little orange bird, maybe with black and white wings…. need some kind of color in this white Vermont landscape.


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