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Something New

     I always love quilters. They are so nice and always friendly. I met another art quilter and she came over to look at some of my notes to try to decide what class she would like to take in the future. She also asked to look at my finished quilts from last year. Always fun to have someone appreciate your work. Thanks Elizabeth for coming!
     But I have a confession. Ok I admit it. I have the winter blahs. Nothing in particular is exciting me. Maybe there is nothing exciting to do. And it’s snowing again. Other than meeting Elizabeth, I did little or nothing yesterday -or nothing exceptionally productive let’s say. Which is really not like me. So, in effort to jump over this boring place I am in-I am going to try something new today.

     I purchased these little plexiglass cut-outs from a wonderful seller Rossie and they arrived back when I was on vacation. She even included a great set of instructions with them. I am going to sandwich them between clamps and and pop them in some dye. While I am at the process of using up a little bit of dye I have mixed up, I will try some other things too-clamping some washers and wrapping a plastic pole.

     And if I have any left, I will pop some more pieces in plastic bins for snow dyeing. If I can’t beat the snow blahs, maybe I should go play in it. I am investigating cold freeze dyeing with natural products.My husband just shook his head when he pulled out a big bag of frozen flower petals last night when he was digging for ice cream. But bless his heart, he didn’t even say -what next?

Happy sewing, my friends.