Aliens and Shibori

     I was taking some pictures before I dipped the last few pieces of silk in the dyepot and my son said-“what are they-aliens?” I agree it is kind of bizarre looking but this is how the silk is after I have stitched a pattern in with upholstery thread and pulled everything tight.

     They are all bundled tight and placed in water before I stick them in the dye.  And then after a quick rinse, the pulling out of the stitching begins. And the reveal is made. Better than opening a present.


     The first one on the left was from a  previous post and the thread had broken when I was removing it.
The other two purple pieces are finally a little better results. The lower right are a few itajame pieces but I still can’t get clear results and I suspect my results might improve with a smoother silk versus the more open and nubby weave.

     Don’t ask me what I will do with all this beautiful silk yet because I don’t know.

     Another storm warning for tonight and this time  calling for ice. But first we will sit in the slush for the first soccer game of the season. 🙂 Oh boy.

Be creative, my friends!

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