The Softness of Silk Continued

     I am really happy it’s Friday. I am even happier that I am done with elementary school carnival volunteering. Tonight was the last for me. I will miss lots of things about elementary school but not the dreaded carnival…. a big sigh of relief …ahhh…my feet are up and I am relaxing.

     I really do love this silk. This week we are working on actual shibori- stitching and then dyeing.  I have a new respect for the amount of time it takes to stitch intricate patterns. I had trouble tugging on the thread too hard so hours of stitching were lost with a broken thread. But I did come up with a lovely piece of fabric despite that.

     I have two more small pieces in the works so hope to dip them tomorrow. The reveal when you undo it is just too much fun. One thing I know for certain is that I love to dye fabric of any kind. (I need to figure out how to post on the class site….)

    Also, snuck in another small piece. I am trying to not post until things are finished but just a little peek.
I made myself use orange. And I am liking orange.

     Whew, I am glad it’s Friday, aren’t you?

Be creative, my friends!

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