Trying Some Arashi Shibori

     This past week’s lesson in the  online shibori class was on pole wrapping or arashi shibori. I took an old piece of pvc pipe and wrapped my fabric around it. I methodically and slowly wrapped the pole in about 1/8 of inch increments and then dipped the pole in colorhue dye. Instant color.

For these four pieces of silk,  I used the color eggplant and rose which I really did not like. Maybe I will try overdyeing this.

That’s what I love about dyeing-you can always change your results-until you get mud….then you just start fresh with white again.

Let’s see what else I can sneak in this week while they are sleeping in.

Be creative, my friends!

4 thoughts on “Trying Some Arashi Shibori

  1. Robbie

    The pattern turned out wonderful on your pieces..and actually, the color isn’t bad! I’m sure you could use these by adding some paint lines or other designs to them. Don’t overdye them!!

  2. Amy

    Hi Colleen,
    I would like to know how to do this technique on a thicker cotton/canvas like material. I have a couch and loveseat from IKEA that are white, my new husband’s dog is black and all of her hair shows up on it. I am wanting to do a natural colored brown/black/white in either leopard print, zebra or cow print on the slip covers and cushion covers. I need a cool water dye method as this material has a hx. of shrinking when I have washed it and tried to bleach it. I am an artist by heart so I have confidence that I can do this, but I just need some technique advice. Thank you.


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