On My Summer Reading List

     A few good books from my summer beach bag:

     This is one of my favorite books: The Creative Habit by Twlya Tharp. This explains how hard you need to work and how disciplined you need to be to forge ahead. I wrote in it, marked it up and wrote things in my journal after I read each chapter. Now, I am not really good at being consistent about journal writing so it must have been convincing. If you haven’t  read it, I highly recommend it. ( I really detest self-help books because it just makes me mad I would need soo much help. 🙂 There is a difference between self-help and education, right?)

     Another good book and reasonably priced.  I didn’t move on to fabric with any of the principles in the book but I will.  Black and white paper in my sketchbook worked just fine for some of these exercises. Notan by Dorr Bothwell and Marlys Mayfield .

      The next and last book I conquered was Wild Color by Jenny Dean. THE BEST BOOK on natural dyeing.

      I found this book in Vermont and it is the new updated edition of 2010. It  has nice step by step directions, great explanations and gives you the ability  to achieve specific colors by adding different mordants.

     As lovely as other books are on natural dyeing, it has always remained a bit of a mystery. This book breaks it down into repeatable steps with the variable being your natural material. A very big variable but it made me want to keep trying small experiments of natural dyeing to add to my toolbox. And with fall coming it will be fun to try more natural dyeing.

      Very specific instructions and great pictures.  I am glad I purchased this as it will be a great reference book.  Even though I didn’t make many pieces this summer , I kept pushing along! Also read many just for fun and my favorite leisure reading book had to be : Unbroken by Laura Hilldenbrand. I read it in less than 48hours.

      So what are you reading ?

     Be creative, my friends. No word on Mom yet-thanks for all your kind words and prayers!

2 thoughts on “On My Summer Reading List

  1. mad elena

    I loved the Creative Habit. Twarp really laid it out about creativity. Just the kick in the seat I wanted.
    The Long Night of White Chickens by Francisco Goldman is on my nightstand. Beautifully and creatively written novel.


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