Friday Finish:Looking Through the Lens :#2

     Well , I guess maybe a finish. I struggled this week to just barely finish piecing this. I am not very excited about this because I felt so RUSTY.

Looking Through The Lens #2 2011 (unquilted)

     I have learned something very important though.  Never stop working. Just keep going with some part of the process. I kept justifying the dyeing as part of the process. It  is. But the designing and actual production of my design is the part that must be done -for me. All the time.  I see many things about this I don’t like but it’s a start and I will finish this one. And I will keep going with this series.

     Just felt good to keep pushing through. In just fifteen minute increments this week, I was able to do it. My oldest is moved back to college and the younger kids go back to school on Monday. I am ready for a regular schedule as much as I have enjoyed my summer.

     Be creative, my friends. I can hardly wait.

3 thoughts on “Friday Finish:Looking Through the Lens :#2

  1. Anonymous

    I had to laugh as I read what you wrote…I like this piece more than some of your others, so it only goes to show that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Press on and keep your feet to the fire (as one of my college prof’s used to say).
    – Sharon


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