Home and It’s a Good Thing

     We came home late Wednesday. Lots to unpack and re-group. I was really anxious this year just to be home. To the point of not really sleeping well at the end and then almost packing up and coming home early. Very unsettled.

     And now I know why: my mom’s cancer has returned. She had breast cancer ten years ago and now – not very good news.  She just isn’t feeling well. But she will finish her fundraiser she is in charge with to raise money for the cancer center in the next week. She has had a big heart for volunteering all her life and she never quits giving of her time to fight cancer. I feel sick about the spots on her lungs- but am grateful I live in the same city now after all our years of living in different cities.

    Spend time with those you love- I’ll be in and out next week but still here. My studio is unpacked  and clean as of today.  It was as if I needed to use all my nervous energy and nest when I got here and heard about my mom. Weird what we do when we are nervous.

    Happy Stitching-

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